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Pink mermaid embroidered wedding dress Ukrainian fashion gown

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Size: XS
Length: Midi

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Production time: 10-12 BD

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Show off your fashion prowess as a trend ambassador with an embroidered linen dress that embraces cultural diversity. Crafted by Ukrainian artisans, its fusion of global inspirations and modern style will make you a true fashion influencer.

Gorgeous embroidered bohemian dress, mermaid wedding dress with ukrainian embroidery. One-of-a-kind ukrainian dress available to order in any colors or length.

  • Textile - 100% linen, fuchsia (hot pink) linen
  • Embroidery - white-blue
  • Midi length - 130 cm / 51.18 inch
  • Ankle length - 140 cm / 55.11 inch
  • Tassels at deep V-neck

Please leave your chest and hips measurements with order

Custome changes available

This dress made just for you because.. You are special! 


Content: 100% Linen

Embroidery: Cotton and/or Acrylic Threads


Do not Wash

Do not Bleach

Dry Clean Only